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2025 submissions: OPEN

We are taking applications for 2025 & 2026 exhibitions.

2024 submissions are closed.

Apply for a Solo Art Exhibition

send submission information to:

Application Requirements:

1. Artist Statement:

A brief statement explaining the conceptual or thematic underpinnings of your work and your artistic philosophy

2. Artist Biography:

 A short biography outlining your artistic background, education, exhibitions, awards, and any relevant experiences.

3. Artist Resume or CV: 

 A comprehensive list of your artistic accomplishments, including exhibitions, publications, awards, residencies, education, and relevant professional experiences. 

*not required

4. Portfolio of Artwork: 

 A selection of high-quality images or samples of your artwork that represent your style, technique, and range as an artist. This may include digital images, photographs, or links to online portfolios.

5. Exhibition Proposal: 

 A detailed proposal outlining the concept, themes, and objectives of your proposed solo exhibition, including a description of the artworks you intend to showcase and any special requirements or considerations.

6. Image List: 

 A document listing the titles, dimensions, medium, and any other relevant details for each submitted artwork.

By providing these materials, artists help galleries, curators, and organizations evaluate the work and consider them for exhibition opportunities or other artistic endeavors.

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