Meet our Resident Artists

An important part of our mission is to support the development of both emerging and professional artists. We are thrilled to introduce the artists who have joined our arts centre.

Annual Resident Artist Showcase: November 1, 2024 - November 16, 2024

Tom Delamater

Tom Delamater is an abstract artist based in Canton, Ohio

David Dingwell

David Dingwell is a photographer based in Massillon. His work is focused on cityscape and architecture, as well as emotive portraiture.

Tim Eakin

Tim is a tattoo artist at The Inkeeper’s tattoo parlor in Canton, Ohio

Steve Ehret

Self-taught painter Steve Ehret is inspired by the natural world, taking in his surroundings on year-round trail runs. His goal is not realism, but rather a sense of gravity, whether working in oils, with mixed media, or on a mural.

Zach Finn

Zach is a graphic designer with a maddening amount of drawings of characters lovingly referred to as IF’s, or Imaginary Folk.

Melissa Goff

Resident Artist Melissa Goff

Dr. Tim Hirst

Kagey Ironworks

David Brian Martin

David Martin is an artist in Canton, Ohio working to use art as therapy. He has a Bachelors of Fine Art in Fine Art Photography, with minors in Professional Photography and Painting. He worked as a naval photographer in 2010 and since his medical discharge has worked to improve his art skills and introduce the idea of art as therapy to other artists and veterans. David has also taken lessons and learned a lot from local artists Amy Lindenberger, Cathie Fithian, Frank Dale, and Erin Mulligan. He has a gallery space to exhibit his work at Patina Arts Centre, and works at his studio in Kolp’s Attic. 

Alaska Thompson

Alaska Thompson is an artist based in Canton, Ohio. Her artwork often depicts renditions of both existing, and non- existent, cosmic structures and galactic imagery.

Shari Weygandt

Ben Young


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