Pride Palette Exhibition

Exhibition Information

The ROYGBIV Pride Palette Exhibit at Patina Arts Centre invites artists from the LGBTQ community to explore the spectrum of color and its profound significance in our lives. This exhibition offers a dynamic platform for artists to express their individuality, experiences, and identities through the language of color.

By embracing the power of color as a catalyst for dialogue and connection, this exhibition aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of LGBTQ perspectives while promoting inclusivity and unity.

Artists are invited to submit either new pieces or existing works that prominently feature at least 50% of one of the colors from the ROYGBIV spectrum. 

Join us as we paint the canvas of diversity, one color at a time, and illuminate the world with the vibrant hues of the LGBTQ experience. Your voice, your story, and your art matter in shaping a brighter, more colorful future for all.


Send information & inquiries to

Submission Guidelines:

- Artists may select 1-2 colors from the ROYGBIV spectrum.

- Artwork must prominently feature at least 50% of one of the chosen colors.

- Submissions can include new pieces or existing works.

- Include artwork examples, preferred color, artwork dimensions, artist bio in email


Call For Artists: March 8th - April 8th

Confirm Artists: April 30th

Postcards Available: May 3rd

Artwork Drop-Off: May 16th - June 1st

Opening Night: June 7th

Canton Pride Festival: June 8th

Last Day to View: June 29th

Artwork Pick-up: July 6th - July 13th

Checks Available for Pick-Up: July 13th - August 13th

We look forward to witnessing the spectrum of your creativity at the ROYGBIV Art Show.