Impasto Syndrome

By Melissa Goff

Opening Night:

Friday, February 25th from 5-9pm

Impasto Syndrome

February 25, 2022 - March 19, 2022

Impasto Syndrome

By Melissa Gof

Featured artist Melissa Goff creates abstract and impressionistic oil paintings using broad stroke techniques, and is known as an impasto painter.

Forced into quarantine in 2020 she found the time to paint regularly, and soon developed confidence to share her work with others as well.

She has painted in the Canton, Ohio area since 2006, and sold her first oil painting at one of the original galleries in downtown Canton, ‘ACME Studio’ which has since closed, but remains alive in the hearts of many local artists who started their careers in Canton.

After working on a new body of work during quarantine, she gained the confidence necessary to submit an application to a venue in New York City to host her first Solo Art Exhibition. Her application was successful, and her first solo show was wildly successful as well.

Having spent time with so many talented artists in this area and beyond, she found herself keeping her work private for many years. As a self-taught novice painter, she often felt that she did not belong.

Too much to learn, too many to compare to, fueling feelings of the dreaded “imposter syndrome” which many have been known to suffer from needlessly.

Impasto Syndrome works are not themed. This collection is inspired by pure creative freedom.

Featured Artist, Melissa Goff (left) Curator, ExecutiveDirector, Alaska Thompson (right)

Meet the Artist

Melissa Goff