by Tim Eakin

Opening Night:

Friday, December 2nd from 5-9pm

December 2, 2022 - December 17, 2022

Grasshopper by Tim Eakin explores the connection between illustrative art, and the art of tattooing. Surreal and psychedelic in essence, this collection of work pushes the boundary between the natural world and the human mind.

Tim Eakin is a tattoo artist at the Inkeeper’s Tattoo Parlor where his work involves not only creating original designs, but aiding others in bringing their ideas to life.

A love for tattooing has always been apparent in Eakin’s work. He began a tattoo apprenticeship in 2006, and soon after decided to study the arts and enhance his drawing skills. He joined the VCD program at Kent State University, and became consumed by freelance work. Tim Eakin has designed logos and packaging materials for businesses, has created several large scale murals across NorthEast Ohio, and has also been known to make album cover art for different bands.

Though he found success as a freelance artist and illustrator, Tim is thriving in the tattoo industry where he feels he has found his true calling. He began a new tattoo apprenticeship at the Inkeeper’s Tattoo Parlor in 2019, and started tattooing in 2020. Tim’s work has been influenced by the process, design, and style of tattoos for the past three years, and this exhibition is a commentary on that journey.

This body of work represents three years of actively transitioning from freelance artist and illustrator to professional tattoo artist using a wide variety of artistic skills developed over the years to create a distinct tattoo style.

Featured Artist, Tim Eakin (left) Curator, Executive Director, Alaska Thompson (right)

Artwork by Tim Eakin

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