Dreadfully Adorable

by Thom Glick

Opening Night:

Friday, October 28th from 5-9pm

October 28, 2022 - November 19, 2022

Thom Glick is an artist based in Columbus, Ohio. His work explores relationships filtered through a curiosity for pop-culture and folklore, resulting in often humorous scenes populated with colorful and whimsical characters.

Inspired by horror movies of the 1980s, Dreadfully Adorable explores and reframes classic characters and scenes in a collection of colorful, illustrative paintings.

Horror movies give physicality and urgency to the folktales that, for generations, have cautioned us about primordial fears– staying out after dark, venturing into unknown places, confronting our fragility. Horror movies don’t just explore our fears, they entertain us. And no decade entertained us more than the 1980s.

Creativity was virtually boundless as filmmaking became more accessible and special effects artists worked tirelessly to outdo one another. Now, many of us look back on the decade – and all those gory, creeping, terrifying movies – with feelings of nostalgia. We look back on those villains, those monsters, and, sometimes, those heroes with a bizarre affection. How can we love villains and monsters?

Dreadfully Adorable looks back on many of those icons and considers them with a bit more softness and whimsy. Seeing them in an altogether different light just might make it a little easier to continue loving our favorite slashers, haunted houses, and rampaging creatures.

Thom creates work for personal, private, and commercial purposes, usually with the intent to start conversations, share stories, and communicate ideas. He earned BFA and MFA degrees in illustration and animation.

He is a member of the Blockfort artist gallery and studio. He also teaches courses in illustration at Columbus College of Art & Design

Thom Glick, Featured Artist (left) Alaska Thompson, Curator (right)