Teaching Artist Information


1. Artistic Expertise: 

 Teaching artists should have a strong foundation in their artistic discipline and demonstrate proficiency in their craft.

2. Teaching Experience:

 Experience in arts education or teaching is preferred, along with a passion for sharing knowledge and facilitating creative learning experiences.

3. Effective Communication Skills:

 Teaching artists should possess excellent communication skills to effectively engage with students of diverse backgrounds and ages.

4. Lesson Planning and Curriculum Development: 

 Ability to design and implement engaging lesson plans and curriculum aligned with learning objectives and student needs.

5. Adaptability and Flexibility: 

 Teaching artists should be adaptable and flexible, able to adjust teaching methods and approaches to meet the needs of different learners and teaching environments.

6. Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity:

 A commitment to creating inclusive and welcoming learning environments that celebrate diversity and promote equity and accessibility for all students.

7. Professionalism: 

 Professional conduct, including punctuality, reliability, and professionalism in all interactions with students, colleagues, and stakeholders.

8. Continued Learning and Development: Willingness to engage in ongoing professional development and learning opportunities to enhance teaching skills and stay abreast of current trends and best practices in arts education.

By meeting these requirements and expectations, teaching artists can create enriching and transformative learning experiences for students while fostering a supportive and inclusive arts community.

Application Submission Requirements

1. Submit:

   - Resume/CV

   - Artist statement

   - Portfolio of work and teaching experiences

   - Availability and preferences

   - Professional references

2. Deadline:

   - Rolling submissions accepted.

3. Contact:

   - send information to patina.opportunities@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in teaching opportunities!


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