The Pieces That Fit

By p_ThaNerd

Opening Night:

Friday, March 25th

from 5-9pm

March 25, 2022 - April 23, 2022

The Pieces That Fit

by p_ThaNerd

Perris Mackey, otherwise known as p_ThaNerd, is a collage artist based in Cleveland, Ohio. He creates intricate works of art from up-cycled materials, using mostly comic books, as well as various newspapers or magazines.

Originally inspired by the world of street art, P_ThaNerd began creating in 2011. He took inspiration from street artists such as Banksy, and used his own voice to create a new narrative. His work shifted from street art to his current mixed media contemporary art style starting in 2014.

P_ThaNerd takes damaged comic books and up-cycles them into familiar fictional, and non-fictional, characters and icons. Once he started using comic books as his medium, it opened up different possibilities for how he could create and connect with others through his art.

As an outsider artist excelling in the contemporary art world, p_ThaNerd creates works of uninhibited expression. This exhibition, “The Pieces That Fit” provides valuable insight into the world through his eyes.

Curator, Executive Director, Alaska (left) Featured Artist p_ThaNerd (right)

photos courtesy of Lovely Ink Creative