Signs & Wonderings, a Disciple’s Journey

By Tom Wachunas

Opening Night: Friday,

June 24th from 5-9pm

June 24, 2022 - July 23, 2022

Signs & Wonderings, a Disciple’s Journey

By Tom Wachunas

The pieces in this collection symbolize aspiration, inspiration, faith, and discovery. A tactile narrative, written in the language of the heart. A codified archaeology of a soul as it crosses boundaries.

Tom Wachunas has been teaching Art History and Art as a World Phenomenon at Kent State University at Stark since 2007. He established ARTWACH in 2009; a commentary on the visual and performing arts in the greater Canton-Akron area available online and free to the public.

Most of Tom Wachunas’ art from the past 20+ years have been mixed media assemblages, which he has often called ‘spiritual tableaux.’ They illustrate, sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically, a continuing realization of Biblical or Christocentric content.

From 1977 through 1991 he was an artist based in New York City. He often worked on paintings and exhibited extensively while curating shows for “alternative” galleries in this time. He has been an arts journalist since 1987, writing hundreds of reviews on the visual and performing arts for numerous regional and international publications. Tom has also shown his art in several art exhibitions across NorthEast Ohio.

Signs and Wonderings, a Disciple’s Journey, is at once daunting and joyous. Between struggle and surrender, between the accessible and the unknowable, between the mundane, and the mystical. This exhibition aims to be thought provoking and insightful concerning theological ideas.

Executive Director, Curator, Alaska (left) Featured Artist, Tom Wachunas (right)

“Once upon a time I came to know that Jesus was not a fiction, not a liar, not a lunatic. He was exactly who he said he was, and still is: God incarnate. He calls, I follow. And stumble. A lot”

-Tom Wachunas

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